About Aqua Tracker

Water is one of the essential elements of sustaining life and that is why we set out to make a modern water quality analyzer to help as filter it to make it drinkable. Thus we meet the requirements of several SDGs: Goal 3: Good health and wellbeing, Goal 4: Quality education, Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation and Goal 14: Life below water. ... Aqua Tracker consists of two parts: an analyser and a battery with 5 filters to purify the water combined with an UV sterilizer. The parameters are measured with the help of an Arduino Mega 2560 module and six sensors used to identify the level of pH, TDS, redox potential, electrical conductivity and dissolved oxygen in water. The analyser also has a real-time clock (RTC) module, a GPS module and a data storage module on a μSD card, data transmission to the server being done with a WiFi module. The analyser has 3 types of power supply being an energy independent device. It displays the measured data in real time and presents the trends of the values in the form of graphs.

About The Filter

We also proposed to create a mobile water purification system. System is equipped with modern QM type in-line cartridges which allow quick and easy replacement. It was built based on an Excito B purification system with 5 filter stages, through which it filters large sediments (rust, sand, etc.), softens the water and removes iron. ... Then it completely removes chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, reduces the concentration of heavy metals and improves the taste and smell of water. The ultrafiltration membrane also removes bacteria larger than 0.02 microns. We also added a UV sterilizer, a recirculation pump and a faucet. All these were mounted inside a PC case to which we added a handle so that the whole system became portable. How it works? The water taken from an unsafe source is pumped through the filter cartridges, passes through the UV sterilizer and becomes potable, being available at the faucet. Thus it is ensured a a clean and fresh water anywhere Water purification system can be powered from a car battery, or a 12 V/ 9Ah rechargeable battery connected to a photovoltaic panel.


This interactive map shows you the location where we analyse or analysed the water quality. If you want more details about the location, you can click on the desired point.

Ștefan Rusu

Student/Future Web Developer

I am Ștefan, and I enjoy doing various activities. I love playing volleyball with my friends, strumming the guitar and playing the piano, and of course, writing code.

George-Bogdan Hosu

Student/Future Computer sientist

I am George, and I have enjoyed programming since I was 10 years old. It has become my passion and the activity that occupies most of my time. I enjoy working in teams and seeking new experiences.

Daria Catinaș

Student/Future Artist

My name is Daria, and I am a 10th-grade student. I have a passion for design and enjoy learning new things.

Corina Toma

PhD professor of physics

I believe that multidisciplinary projects are the easiest way to get students to understand and love physics.

Aurel Toma

electronics engineer

I am passionate about hardware and have found young enthusiatic collaborators for the software side. In innovative projects 1% is inspiration and 99% is sweat.

Liliana Oltean-Gocan

English teacher

My name is Liliana Oltean-Gocan, I am a teacher of English passionate about science and environment.

Our Jurney

Our project turned out pretty good, but the memories we have made along the way are more precious to us.